The Icelandic
Youth Environ - mentalist Association

The Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association is a non governmental organisation with the primary objective of giving young people a platform to positively influence the way  society interacts with nature.




Highlights of our projects

Climate strike on fridays

The Icelandic Youth Environmental Association has participated in organizing schoolstrikes for climate on Fridays under the Fridays for Future Ísland movement where a number of groups and individuals come together and work to a common goal.


We want to see a massive increase in action on the climate crisis!

Handbook in advocacy for environment

In 2020 the Icelandic Youth Environmental Association published a handbook in advocacy for the environment

The book is written to make advocacy more accessible for youth with methods that are based on experience which the authors, have gained through participation in the organization’s activities. 

Examples of what can be found in the handbook:

  • How to write public comments

  • How young people can increase their influence and credibility when interacting with governments

  • Information about governance networks and democratic legitimacy

Secondary school presentations

Our secondary school presentations educate young people about environmental issues all over Iceland.

The presentations explain how environmental issues are a problem for youth since they affect mostly the future. We teach them how they can have an impact on the course of decision making.

We want the future generations to be alert and informed on matters of environment and climate change. It has given a good experience to talk to them as peers.