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Below you will find information to contact all the members of the Young Environmentalists' Board. Please note that we receive many emails a day, in order to respond to them we would like to ask you to be concise and explain your message and the involvement of the company or representatives in a nutshell. That said, we look forward to hearing from you! 


General inquiries are sent to:

Tinna Hallgrímsdóttir, chairman

Egill Ö. Hermannsson, Vice Chairman

Sigrún Perla Gísladóttir, treasurer

Rafn Helgason, secretary

Unnur Björnsdóttir, educational and promotional representative

promotional representative @

Finds Ricart Andrason, climate representative

loftslagsfulltrui @


Sæunn Júlía Sigurjónsdóttir, nature conservation representative

natturuverndarfulltrui @

Alma Stefánsdóttir, Cyclical Economics Representative

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