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About UU

The organisation

Young environmentalists are non-governmental organizations. The purpose of the association is to be a forum for young people in Iceland to make a good impression in environmental matters. We want to encourage an informed debate on environmental issues and fight for sustainable development, nature conservation and a green economy.

The job

Young environmentalists approach environmental issues from all angles. Our beliefs are based on science. We see diversity as a strength and are a society for all young environmentalists. We strive to mobilize all members for good work on behalf of the association. We are guided by equality and positivity and respect each other.

Basic ideas

Young environmentalists want the needs of the present generation to be met without compromising the potential of future generations and for the right to exist of nature to be recognized and respected. We work for this ideal by doing our best to influence policy, discussion and the general mindset of the environment. In order to achieve our goals, we put pressure on the government and promote peer education, events and publishing.


Young environmentalists take a stand on issues based on their basic ideals. We place special emphasis on issues concerning Iceland and Icelandic society. Young environmentalists support the basic ideas of the Rio Declaration, such as the precautionary principle and the pollution compensation principle. The issues we focus on include climate change, wilderness protection, overconsumption and the maintenance of biological and geological diversity.


Young environmentalists want to live in balance with nature, in a society where man, his production and consumption are part of a natural cycle and where positive environmentalism is as natural as civil rights.
Approved April 4, 2013.

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