About the Association

The Association


The Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association is a non governmental organisation with the primary objective of giving young people a platform to positively influence the way  society interacts with nature. The association’s goals include promoting and advocating for  holistic environmental governance, sustainable development, nature conservation and a circular economy in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


What We Do


The association’s methods are grounded in science and strengthened by a holistic approach. Such holistic methods include  thorough knowledge and understanding of local conditions and community perspectives. Human rights and the rights of nature are the associations guiding lights. Similarly, respect and equality are the cornerstones of the association’s working values. We want our members to be actively  doing good work on behalf of the association. 


Foundational Ideas


Chair is the association’s spokesperson, has oversight and calls board meetings.

Vice-Chair steps into the role of Chair in his/her absence.

Secretary is responsible for minutes at meetings, as well as the proper storage of the association’s documents.

Treasurer oversees the association’s finances, prepares its financial statements and applies for grants.

Other board members can take on other roles, such as the organization of events or management of social media.


The Icelandic Youth Environmentalist Association is striving for a world in which the right of nature is acknowledged and respected and where meeting the needs of current generations does not adversely impact future generations.

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