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A report on the highland vision of young people will be sent to the ministry

"Young people are very interested in the highlands and the highlands have been a big part of Icelanders' nature experience over the years. It is important to find a balance between utilizing the resource and ensuring that the utilization does not affect the uniqueness of the area as a whole. "

This is how the report by Þorgerður M Þorbjarnadóttir, former chair of the UU, regarding the Young Environmentalists' conference on the Highland Vision of young people begins. The report will be sent to the ministry in the next few days.

On May 21, 2021, the Young Environmentalists hosted a conference entitled The Highland Vision of Young People. The conference took place at Héraðsskólinn að laugarvatn. The aim was to have all the youth movements of the political parties participating in the conference, as well as youth movements of various kinds. The aim was to unite the views of young people when it comes to highland issues. "

(Participants in the conference Highland Vision of Young People)

"As participation was not as evenly distributed across associations as was hoped for, the results do not necessarily reflect a cross - section of the entire political spectrum of the youth movement as was the idea, but the results can be viewed with that in mind."

"It is clear that the representatives of the youth movements consider the main strengths of the highlands to be freedom of movement, protection of resources, revegetation of the land and the unifying symbol that nature gives us."


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