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Rating of Young Environmentalists on the climate and environmental policies of Iceland's political parties in the run-up to the Althingi elections in the autumn of 2021

It is essential that climate and environmental issues be the focus of the forthcoming elections, as the future of us all depends on the healthy cycle systems of the Earth, such as the climate and the ecosystem.


To ensure restraint and a more informed public, the Young Environmentalists have designed a scale that will be used to assess the environmental and climate policies of all parties, but the scale, and its ratings, will show in black and white the strengths and weaknesses of the parties' environmental and climate policies.


The scale also serves as a guide for the parties on how they can adapt their policies to the views and demands of young people on environmental issues. The scale is a total of 100 points and is divided into three parts: climate change (40 points), nature conservation (30 points) and the circular society (30 points).


To deal with the design of the scale, UU hired an interdisciplinary team of young environmentalists, Aðalbjörg Egilsdóttir, Esther Jónsdóttir and Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir. They prepared the scale in close collaboration with the Young Environmentalists' Board and members, as well as receiving opinions and advice from independent experts. Care was taken to ensure that each party involved in the work had no links with the political parties.

Aðalbjörg Egilsdóttir

Holds a BSc in Biology and is currently in Environmental and Resource Studies (MS). She is Iceland's youth representative to the UN in the field of climate change.

Esther Jónsdóttir

Holds a BA in Political Science and is completing an MSc in Global Environmental Govermance, Sustainability and Climate Change.

Sigríður Guðjónsdóttir

Holds a BS in Psychology and an MSc in Social Psychology and is completing an additional diploma in Environmental and Resource Studies.


In addition to publishing the scale on this page, it has been sent to all political parties, but the UU will meet with them over the summer to bring young people's views on environmental issues even further.


When all party policies have been updated, they will be graded and made public at a ceremony at the Nordic House on 3 September, take the day off!


Full neutrality will be maintained in the grading. First, those who work on the scale of the scale and rate it do not have connections within political parties and the names of parties are erased before their policy is assessed. Consistency in grading is also ensured by having different assessors review and calculate the correlation between their answers, ie. reliability of assessors.


Board of Young Environmentalists 2021-22. From left:

Tinna (chairman), Sæunn Júlía (nature conservation representative), Sigrún Perla (treasurer), Unnur (director of education and publicity), Rafn (secretary), Egil (vice chairman). Missing from the picture are Finn (climate representative) and Ölma (circular economy representative).