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UU General Assembly 2022

The Annual General Meeting of the Young Environmentalists will take place on April 10, 2022 at 12-15 at Hitt Húsið in Rvk. You will also be able to participate via Zoom streaming (link published later on facebook event).

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting:

1. Election of meeting director and secretary 2. Report of the board submitted 3. Invoices submitted 4. Legislative amendments 5. Announcement of who gets the title Young Environmentalist 2021-22

Short break (vegan pizzas)

6. Election of chairperson 7. Election of vice-chair 8. Election of treasurer 9. Election of secretary 10. Election of educational and promotional representative 11. Election of climate representative 12. Election of nature conservation representative 13. Election of circular economy representative 14. Election of 2 confidentiality agents 15. Election of 1 auditor of bills 16. Other affairs

The board consists of a chairperson, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, educational and promotional representative, climate representative, nature conservation representative, and circular economy representative. See further in Article 11, IV. chapter (þykktir).

See more about the position of confidentiality agents in Article 16, IV. chapter (þykktir).

Send a notice of candidacy with name, position and photo to before the meeting entitled: "position", "name of candidate".

Proposals for law amendments shall be sent to the e-mail address no later than 12:00 on April 7.

To have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, you must register as a member no later than 12:00 on April 3 (the week before the Annual General Meeting). Member registration takes place here:

At the meeting, we will reward a general member for outstanding work for the association in the working year 2021-22, that person will be titled: Young Environmentalist 2021-22. Nominations are accepted here (

Hitt Húsið has good wheelchair access and we will get a sign language interpreter on site. The meeting will be held in Icelandic, but a whispered interpretation will be available. If you need other services regarding accessibility at the meeting, feel free to contact us!

Looking forward to seeing you!

ps. some of the folks in the current board will unfortunately not apply for a the board in the coming go ahead, join the board and send us a notice of candidacy! <3


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