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Bláskelin 2021

The Environment Agency of Iceland requests nominations for the Blue Shell 2021. The award will be given to a company, institution, individual or other for outstanding solutions that promote less plastic use and plastic waste in the community.

The recognition is part of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources' actions to reduce the negative effects of plastic use. It is intended to highlight what is well done and encourage innovation. A special allocation committee selects the award recipients, and it is composed of representatives from the Icelandic Innovation Center, the Confederation of Icelandic Industries, Plastic-free September, Young Environmentalists and the Environment Agency.

It is requested that a short report accompany the nominations. Companies, individuals and organizations can either nominate themselves or be nominated by others.

When choosing a winner, consider the following factors:

  • the innovative value of the solution in question

  • does the solution contribute to the circular economy

  • what is the general contribution of the solution to environmental issues

  • which plastic product is being avoided with the solution

  • the solution has the potential to enter general use

Proposals must be received by the Environment Agency no later than 1 July next, marked "Nomination: The Blue Shell" via e-mail to or by post to the Environment Agency, Suðurlandsbraut 24, 108 Reykjavík.

The Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources will give the recognition in connection with the vigilance campaign Plastic-free September.


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